X-Ray System


The task involved finding and partnering with a local, mid-size company- here, Protec GmbH. The goal of this collaboration was to improve the design of an existing product considering ergonomics, aesthetics, and device construction. The ultimate goal was to strengthen the company‘s market position.




Based on research of current and self

made operation concepts, Protec GmbH‘s devices proved first in usability testing. Insights were kept in a rating matrix.


The first mock-up concept visualized the insight of the usability test following excessive labour. The aim was to get an intuitive and easy handling of the head of the x-ray system.


To set the head in the overall content - main body the design of the table and the stable were merged in different concepts so the whole system could be evaluated.


The final concept is a minimalist approach to simplifying the operation and making it more convenient. Slanted sides including covered handles allow intuitive operation while signaling the direction of usage. A display on the front gives feedback about essential informations.


All rights resevered by Christian Domehl

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