Perfusors and infusors are lifesaving devices, which are used in critical situation, providing the patient with a with a high dose of medicine for a long period of time. At the moment these devices are only found in intensive care units and when transporting a sick person.




The result of this project was a specialisation on mobile devices. New requirements were made up, which are less necessary for stationary devices. The focus on crisis regions heightened the product parameters. The theme mobility and security is very important for use in rough, less developed regions. Accomplishing the transport in backpacks it is very important to achieve the lowest size and weight.  The focus was set on the exact devolopment of the product. The research of potential components as well as the contstuction, ergonomics and the design of the diplay and buttons were important subjects.


Starting with a market overview of actual products and  interviews with specialists, different problems came up, which were written down using a specific system and specification sheet.

Accomodating the challenge of impractical terrain, a syringe covering device saves the medicine from getting dirty.  This aspect is realized by a water-resistant container.


The force of a little piezo-motor discharges the syringe by using less energy in contrast to a common step motor.  A front coverting corrugated control element allows easy but safe access to the inner part of the product. For safety reasons the electrical parts were built up in the waterproof ABS-core.  To make the usage of the device as good and convenient as possible the display and the keypad are placed on the top of the case, which allows for accurate operation. For use in critical moments the minimalistic display design supports display clarity and ease of

operation. In the event that the battery is empty, the system is equipped with an additional storage battery in the front of the core-case. In addition it is possible to charge the system on a 12 Volt plug or stationary in the hospital with a battery charger. In the case that the system is used in an emergency room, an additional holder allows the product to be fixed on a stand.


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